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Our main product is the traditional and delicious halal doner along with our Mediterranean style tandoori chicken doner.

Nasip doner is made with you, the customer, in mind. Our doner is easy cut and provides continuous firm strips of tender meat. When grilled, you can be assured our doner stays tender, tasty and remains a succulent colour. If you have any specific product requirements then contact us and we will endeavour to accomodate your request. All products are EEC approved for European export. Customer needs and requirements can be accommodated. We offer a personal, friendly and one to one service.

Nasip Classic Doner - Nasip Meats

Nasip Classic Doner

This is our original signature Doner.

Very popular, delicately balanced with a fusion of spices, not too spicy so it is suitable for every palate.

Nasip Lamb Doner - Nasip Meats

Nasip Lamb Doner

This Doner is traditionally Turkish style.

Very meaty in flavour and has a firm texture. Not too spicy so is suitable for every palate.
One style is traditionally handmade, the other is machine made.

Nasip Spicy Zone - Nasip Meats

Nasip Spicy Zone

Made from a variety of spices and is one of our new products and is very suitable for the Asian palate.

We can alter the spice flavours to suit your requirements.

Nasip The Hot One - Nasip Meats

Nasip The Hot One

As stated this is our hot and spicy Doner, blended with the finest fresh green chillies.

We can also tailor this doner to suit your requirements.

Nasip Tandoori Red - Nasip Meats

Nasip Tandoori Red

This Doner displays a red colour and is made from the finest Indian spices.

Not too spicy so is suitable for all palates. 

Nasip Chicken Shawarma - Nasip Meats

Nasip Chicken Shawarma

Classic Doner style, made from whole pieces marinade chicken and comes in three styles. 

Tandoori, Mediterranean and Tikka.

Nasip Cooked Doner - Nasip Meats

Nasip Cooked Doner

This is our Classic Doner, cooked to perfection and sliced into thin strips, packed into 2.26kg buckets and frozen.

Our cooked Doner is ideal for restaurants, takeaways and any other outlets that may use small quantities of our Doner.

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